The village of Dombås in Dovre Municipality is a hub between east and west.




Dovrefjell National Park Board
Hjerkinnhusvegen 33
2661 Hjerkinn



The E136 and the E6 roads and the Dovre Line and the Rauma Line meet at Dombås. Dombås is the last populated area one meets before reaching the mountains, and is also a trading center for the uppermost villages in Gudbrandsdalen valley. Among other things, visitors can rent bikes here or meet up for musk ox safaris at Dovrefjell. If you are going to cycle The National Park Trail over Dovrefjell then Dombås ski lifts are a good place to start.

Practical information


Car and bus: From the west: E136. From the south and north: E6 Train: The Dovre Line and the Rauma Line


Good parking facilities in the city center, and next to Dombås ski lifts. Charging station for electric cars: Yes, in Dombås city center and at CircleK.

Dining and accommodation

A good selection of dining and accommodation. Get an overview at Nasjonalparkriket.




The hiking and cycling trail over Dovrefjell provides fantastic views of the mighty mountains, takes you through beautiful mountain pastures and is well adapted for both adults and children traveling on two wheels. You can follow the marked route from Dombås to Hjerkinn, or cycle the full “Tour de Dovre” «Tour de Dovre» to Folldal and through Grimsdalen. This trip takes you through three national parks. It is also a hiking and cycling route so electric bicycles are allowed here. Parking is possible in the center of Dombås. You can also park in many rest areas and parking spaces along the E6 between Dombås and Hjerkinn, or near Hjerkinnhus at Hjerkinn which charges a parking fee. Read more at
Tur- og sykkelveg på Dovrefjell.
The King´s road at Dovrefjell.

The King’s Road over Dovrefjell

A walk along The King’s Road can provide many new experiences and discoveries for each individual hiker, but the perpetual mountain landscape that surrounds the road can also provide many of the same experiences of nature. It is said that Prince Christian Frederik became so fascinated by the mountains that he began walking towards Snøhetta when he traveled over the mountains in 1814. Similarly, Vinje describes how travelers talk about the mountain as being “so magnificently beautiful”, and writes about Snøhetta mountain as he observes it from The King’s Road over Hjerkinnhø. When walking along The King’s Road over Hjerkinnhø today, one can feel the same attraction towards the majestic Snøhetta mountain and Svånåtindan mountain to the west. A hike along The King’s Road can provide experiences that are beyond time and space, and in that way the road creates connecting lines between past and present travelers.

The King’s Road over Hjerkinnhø, 7 km

Starting points for the trip are at Jøroskloppa (parking next to E6) and Hjerkinn Fjellstue. Visitors are able to reach the highest point (Hjerkinnhø, 1210 masl) from both places and experience great views of Rondane, Snøhetta mountain and Drivdalen valley. If you keep your eyes peeled, it is possible to discover many historical and cultural monuments along The King’s Road over Hjerkinnhø, such as culverts, guard stones and stone obelisks.

The King’s Road over Vårstigen, 9 km

Vårstigen is the most famous stretch along The King’s Road. The trip offers some rather exposed sections with high dry stone walls and several vantage points from which to view the beautiful Drivdalen valley. The starting point for the trip is either Gammelholet, Nestasvollan or Hesthåggån. The stretch between Gammelholet (southern parking) to Nestasvollan is 6 km. From Nestasvollan to Hesthåggån is 3 km.

All sections are suitable for children and young hikers.Read more at The King’s Road over Dovrefjell website

The Pilgrim Path

Hiking in the footsteps of pilgrims in classic mountain landscape over Dovrefjell. Experience exciting cultural monuments, rich mountain flora and views of several famous rock formations. The Pilgrim Path over Dovrefjell is one of the most popular stretches of the old hiking route from Oslo to Trondheim and Nidaros Cathedral. If you walk the entire distance over Dovrefjell, you pass four old mountain lodges that have welcomed pilgrims and other travelers over many centuries. The section of the route over Dovrefjell mainly follows the old thoroughfare over the mountains, the old King’s Road. Read more at The Pilgrim Path
Pilegrim path
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Dombås skiheiser, parkering
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