The beautiful village of Eikesdal is located at the southern end of Eikesdalsvatnet lake, the largest lake in Møre og Romsdal.




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The beautiful village of Eikesdal is located at the southern end of Eikesdalsvatnet lake, the largest lake in Møre og Romsdal. The lake is approximately 18 kilometers long and 155 meters deep. The valley is approximately 14 kilometers long and has a north-south orientation. The village has about 80 inhabitants who live in small hamlets where the houses have a distinctive architecture. Most of the inhabitants make a living from agriculture, forestry and tourism. There are 3 campsites in the village and many locals rent out cabins.

Practical information


The only way to get to Eikesdal is by car; no public transport serves the village. Follow county road 191 from Eresfjord to Eikesdal.


There are several places where visitors can park their car, either at Vertshuset Eikesdal, at the old Eikesdal School, or in Mardalen if you plan to walk to Mardalsfossen waterfall.

Charging station for electric cars:
The nearest charging station is in Eidsvåg or Sunndalsøra.

Dining and accommodation

Accommodation and more at eikesdal.no

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Experiences from Eikesdal

Mardalsfossen Waterfall

Eikesdalsvatnet lake in Nesset is very long and narrow and is only 26 meters above sea level, while the surrounding mountains rise 1500 to 1800 meters straight up from the lake. Mardalsfossen waterfall plunges 297 meters into Eikesdalen valley and has the world’s fourth highest free fall of water (the entire waterfall is 655 m in length). The waterfall is an impressive sight when water levels are high from 20 June – 20 August each year.

There is a road (toll road) from Eikesdalen valley to the signposted parking lot in Mardalen valley. Picnic benches, a kiosk and information about the waterfall and the area. It takes approximately 30 minutes to walk to the waterfall from the parking lot. There is a nice gravel road all the way to the waterfall. If you wish to get even closer to the waterfall, there is a rocky path along one side. However, visitors must expect to get wet from the spray.

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Åmotan. Photo: Oddgeir Visnes
Åmotan. Photo: Oddgeir Visnes


Aursjøvegen road runs between Finnset in Eikesdal and Sunndalsøra. If you drive up Finnsetlia, there are several 180 degree hairpin bends and dramatic scenery that take many people’s breath away. The hike from lush Eikesdalen valley with its steep mountains on either side, up to the high mountains with open and magnificent mountain scenery, is a great trip. Both giant’s kettles and our own little ‘Trolltunge’, – Aurstupet (Aurstaupet) can be found around the road’s highest point. Just a few minutes’ walk from the road, visitors can walk to the edge of the cliff formation that really gives you butterflies in your stomach. It is signposted from the road, but it is a rather small parking lot, so pay attention to oncoming traffic and don’t park your car too close to the edge. The giant’s kettle a little further down is also signposted, and visitors can take a refreshing dip in the water. Aursjøvegen road was originally a construction road and runs through challenging mountain terrain. Therefore, visitors must be aware that:

  • The road opens on 1 June and closes when the first snowfall arrives in the autumn
  • We recommended that visitors do not drive large buses or cars towing caravans along the road
  • The road is narrow and lacks curbs and railings in places
  • The road occasionally runs through very steep terrain and has many blind summits and corners
  • Oncoming traffic may appear suddenly
  • There may be a risk of falling rocks and landslides
  • In the event of heavy rainfall and unusually high risk of landslides, the road may be closed

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