Hjerkinn is located at the highest point along the E6 highway over Dovrefjell, between Dombås and Oppdal, where FV 29 from Alvdal meets the E6. It is possible to reach Hjerkinn by both car and train, and it is also the starting point for the shuttle bus into Snøheim.




Dovrefjell National Park Board
Hjerkinnhusvegen 33
2661 Hjerkinn



viewpoint SNØHETTA.
Hjerkinn is an excellent starting point for experiencing Dovrefjell – both for those who wish to learn more about the mountains, for those who want to enjoy spectacular views without having to hike for miles, and for those whose aim it is to reach the summit of Snøhetta. If you are thinking of going on a musk ox safari, this is a good place to startboth on foot and on horseback, or you can go on a historical hike by following parts of The King’s Road and The Pilgrim Path. Visitors will also find the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre that offers exhibitions, reconstructions, activities, and the award-winning vantage point called viewpoint SNØHETTA.

Practical information


Car: Via the E6 or FV29

Train: Hjerkinn Station is 300 meters from the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre and Frich’s Motel & Spiseri Hjerkinnhus

The shuttle bus to Snøheim

BThe bus has five daily departures from the yard between Hjerkinnhus and the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre during the summer season (June-September). More information at The Norwegian Trekking Association.


Visitors can use the parking lot at Hjerkinnhus (parking fee of NOK 60 per day). There is free parking at the start of the trail up to viewpoint SNØHETTA. The parking lot at Hjerkinnhus is cleared of snow all year round, while the road up to the viewpoint parking is closed during winter. Visitors are not permitted to stay overnight in caravans/motorhomes in the parking lots, but there are several nice campsites nearby.

Charging station for electric cars: Yes, at Hjerkinnhus

Dining and accommodation

Frich’s Motel & Spiseri Hjerkinnhus, Hjerkinn fjellstue og fjellridning, Hageseter tourist cabin


Free toilets at the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre both at Hjerkinnhus and at the start of the trail to viewpoint SNØHETTA, as well as at the vantage point itself. Open: June-October.

Experiences from Hjerkinn

Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre

Did you know that wild reindeer played a central role when the first settlers arrived in Norway? The Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre provides visitors with information about the fascinating primeval animal and an insight into an important part of Norwegian history. Here, visitors can test their knowledge about wild reindeer by taking one of the quizzes, look at a stuffed reindeer and study a real skeleton – both of which were animals that roamed the nearby mountains. In the outdoor area, visitors can see how humans used the mountains in ancient times through reconstructed trapping devices, or take a break in the constructed ‘mountain scree’. The center is open and accessible 24 hours a day during the summer season (1 June – last week of autumn holiday), and is free of charge for all visitors. Also visit our vantage point called viewpoint SNØHETTA.

Read more at the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre

Viewpoint Snøhetta

Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre – viewpoint SNØHETTA

One of the great things about viewpoint SNØHETTA is that it gives everyone the opportunity to experience the mountains and the spectacular view towards the Snøhetta mountain massif. There is a wide, 1.5 km long gravel path from the parking lot up to the vantage point and the trip only takes about 20-30 minutes. Information at the start, together with 20 slabs of slate that have been recessed into the ground, gives visitors insight into the natural and cultural history of Dovrefjell. Designed by the architects Snøhetta, the building has won several awards for its distinctive and beautiful architecture. The idea behind the vantage point was to provide the opportunity to experience the mountains without actually visiting the most vulnerable areas. The center is open and accessible 24 hours a day during the summer season (1 June – last week of autumn holiday), and is free of charge for all visitors.

Read more at the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre


The majestic Snøhetta mountain at Dovrefjell is Norway’s highest peak outside Jotunheimen. The mountain massif consists of the following peaks: Vesttoppen (2253 masl), Hettpiggen (2261 masl), Midttoppen (2289 masl) and Stortoppen (2286 masl). Stortoppen is classed as being Snøhetta itself, and is therefore the most popular of the peaks to climb. The trip starts with a 30 minute bus ride from Hjerkinn to the Norwegian Trekking Association cabin Snøheim. From there, the trail is well marked, and you reach the summit after a 6 km and 800 meter ascent through varying scree and boulders.

During the summer season, there is a shuttle bus that departs five times a day from the yard between Hjerkinnhus and the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre. This is to limit the traffic along Snøheimvegen road, which is an important migratory area for the reindeer in the Snøhetta wild reindeer area. It is prohibited to drive motorized vehicles on the road, and regular cycling is only permitted during the period 1 June – 15 July. It is also important to note that e-bikes are defined as motorized vehicles in the national parks and are therefore prohibited during certain.

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Tur- og sykkelveg på Dovrefjell.
Photo: Martine Hårstad/ Norsk villreinsenter

The Musk Ox Trail

The Musk Ox Trail opened in the summer of 2017 and is a network of adapted trails where there are good chances of spotting musk oxen.
You can choose circular trips of varying lengths, from 4.5 to 15 kilometers. Departure and return points are Kongsvoll or Grønbakken. Some of the trail goes through mountain birch forests and bare mountains, and it is possible to take a side trip to the Høgsnyta vantage point (1,320 meters above sea level).

You can encounter musk oxen along the entire trail on the west side of the E6 highway, but musk oxen are a common sight particularly from Høgsnyta. In early summer, musk oxen can sometimes be found down in the birch forests, so stay alert.

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The hiking and cycling trail over Dovrefjell provides fantastic views of the mighty mountains, takes you through beautiful mountain pastures and is well adapted for both adults and children traveling on two wheels. You can follow the marked route from Dombås to Hjerkinn, or cycle the full “Tour de Dovre” «Tour de Dovre» to Folldal and through Grimsdalen. This trip takes you through three national parks. It is also a hiking and cycling route so electric bicycles are allowed here.
Parking is possible in the center of Dombås. You can also park in many rest areas and parking spaces along the E6 between Dombås and Hjerkinn, or
near Hjerkinnhus at Hjerkinn which charges a parking fee.

Read more at ut.no

Tur- og sykkelveg på Dovrefjell.

The Vålåsjøhøvegen and Snøheimvegen roads

Visitors are permitted to cycle on Snøheimvegen and Vålåsjøhøvegen roads between 1 June and 15 July. These are gravel roads that lead into the heart of Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park. Remember that cycling is not permitted here for the rest of the year and that e-bikes are not permitted at all. You can pay to park your car at Hjerkinnhus. It is also worth noting that cycling along the path to viewpoint SNØHETTA is not permitted.

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Horse riding in the mountains

How about going on a horse riding trip where you climb mountains that overlook Rondane and Dovrefjell? Or maybe a musk ox safari on horseback is something for you? Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, there are organized horse riding trips for everyone. Seeing nature on horseback is a fantastic experience, and the various organizers offer both short and multi-day trips.

Find the right trip for you at Hjerkinn Fjellstue og fjellridning or Kvistli Islandshester

Tur- og sykkelveg på Dovrefjell.

Dog sledding

Experience the mountains from the dog sled over snowy plateaus and in wooded valleys. Dovrefjell offers everything from half-day trips to trips over several days. Experienced guides will ensure an experience you will never forget.

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The Pilgrim Path

Hiking in the footsteps of pilgrims in classic mountain landscape over Dovrefjell. Experience exciting cultural monuments, rich mountain flora and views of several famous rock formations. The Pilgrim Path over Dovrefjell is one of the most popular stretches of the old hiking route from Oslo to Trondheim and Nidaros Cathedral. If you walk the entire distance over Dovrefjell, you pass four old mountain lodges that have welcomed pilgrims and other travelers over many centuries. The section of the route over Dovrefjell mainly follows the old thoroughfare over the mountains, the old King’s Road.

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Pilegrim path.

Eystein Church

At Dovrefjell, almost a thousand meters above sea level, Eystein Church is beautifully located on the mountainside towards Hjerkinnhø and has Hjerkinn Fjellstue (mountain lodge) as its nearest neighbor.

Eystein Church is not that old, it was completed in 1969 and designed by Magnus Paulsson. Snøhetta mountain provided inspiration regarding the design of the building.

But why a church here, at Dovrefjell, 965 meters above sea level? Eystein Church provides services to the local religious community and visitors. It is also a pilgrimage church.

Eystein Church is not the first church at Hjerkinn. There was also a church at Hjerkinn in the Middle Ages. We don’t know when it was built and we don’t know when it disappeared, but we know that there was a church here. Aslak Bolt’s 1432 cadaster confirms this. Sigrid Undset writes about this church. When Kristin Lavransdatter makes her pilgrimage to Nidaros Cathedral, she attended vespers in the church at Hjerkinn. The church is open and staffed throughout the season.

Read more at pilegrimsleden.no

The King’s Road over Dovrefjell

A walk along The King’s Road can provide many new experiences and discoveries for each individual hiker, but the perpetual mountain landscape that surrounds the road can also provide many of the same experiences of nature. It is said that Prince Christian Frederik became so fascinated by the mountains that he began walking towards Snøhetta when he traveled over the mountains in 1814. Similarly, Vinje describes how travelers talk about the mountain as being “so magnificently beautiful”, and writes about Snøhetta mountain as he observes it from The King’s Road over Hjerkinnhø. When walking along The King’s Road over Hjerkinnhø today, one can feel the same attraction towards the majestic Snøhetta mountain and Svånåtindan mountain to the west. A hike along The King’s Road can provide experiences that are beyond time and space, and in that way the road creates connecting lines between past and present travelers.

The King’s Road over Hjerkinnhø, 7 km

Starting points for the trip are at Jøroskloppa (parking next to E6) and Hjerkinn Fjellstue. Visitors are able to reach the highest point (Hjerkinnhø, 1210 masl) from both places and experience great views of Rondane, Snøhetta mountain and Drivdalen valley. If you keep your eyes peeled, it is possible to discover many historical and cultural monuments along The King’s Road over Hjerkinnhø, such as culverts, guard stones and stone obelisks.

The King’s Road over Vårstigen, 9 km

Vårstigen is the most famous stretch along The King’s Road. The trip offers some rather exposed sections with high dry stone walls and several vantage points from which to view the beautiful Drivdalen valley. The starting point for the trip is either Gammelholet, Nestasvollan or Hesthåggån. The stretch between Gammelholet (southern parking) to Nestasvollan is 6 km. From Nestasvollan to Hesthåggån is 3 km.

All sections are suitable for children and young hikers.Read more at The King’s Road over Dovrefjell website

The King´s road at Dovrefjell.

Folldal mines

Exciting activities for people of all ages can be experienced at Folldal mines. Visitors can go on a guided tour of the mines, visit the museum or explore the characteristic landscape that mining has left behind.

Read more at Folldal gruver

Title Address Description
Besøkssenter villrein
Hjerkinn, Norge
Folldal gruver
Verket 47, 2580 Folldal, Norge
Frich's Hjerkinnhus
Dovrefjell, 2661 Hjerkinn, Norge
Hjerkinn fjellstue og fjellridning
Kvitdalsvegen 12, 2661 Hjerkinn, Norge
Hageseter turisthytte
Dovrefjell, 2660 Dombås, Norge
viewpoint SNØHETTA
2661 Hjerkinn, Norge
2660 Dombås, Norge
E6 30, 7340 Oppdal, Norge
Kongevegen over Hjerkinnhø
Den gamle kongeveg, 2661 Hjerkinn, Norge
Kongevegen over Vårstigen
E6, 7340 Oppdal, Norge
Unnamed Road, 2660 Dombås, Norge
E6, 2660 Dombås, Norge