Bike rides

A bike ride in the protected areas can provide experiences you will never forget, but there are some rules that are good to know before you set off. Here is an overview of applicable restrictions for both regular bikes and e-bikes, and not least some tips for nice trips.




Dovrefjell National Park Board
Hjerkinnhusvegen 33
2661 Hjerkinn



National park road at Dovrefjell.
There are strict cycling restrictions in both the National Park and Hjerkinn Protected Landscape/habitat and species management area. This is due to the vulnerable wild reindeer found in this area. Normal rules apply in our other protected areas, with one exception: E-bikes are defined as motorized vehicles and can only be used on roads where cars are allowed to drive.
Wild reindeer

Trip suggestions for regular bikes

The Vålåsjøhøvegen and Snøheimvegen roads

Visitors are permitted to cycle on Snøheimvegen and Vålåsjøhøvegen roads between 1 June and 15 July. These are gravel roads that lead into the heart of Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park. Remember that cycling is not permitted here for the rest of the year and that e-bikes are not permitted at all. You can pay to park your car at Hjerkinnhus. It is also worth noting that cycling along the path to viewpoint SNØHETTA is not permitted.

The Drotningsdals Trail

This tractor road runs from Vinstradalsvegen to the mountain farms at Vårstigen. You are also allowed to cycle over to Bekkelægret, but the trail is very demanding by bicycle. You can cycle along quiet roads from the center of Oppdal west of Driva, or park next to the E6 and cycle up the beautiful Vinstradalen valley. You can also drive up Vinstradalsvegen and park about 350 meters past the junction where the Drotningdals Trail continues southwards.

Dindalshytta – Åmotsdalen

Do you like trail biking? If so, you can cycle between Dindalen and Åmotsdalen in Oppdal. Follow the track from Dindalshytta cabin to Søndre Snøfjellstjønna, and continue on the trail/cart road into Åmotsdalen valley. There is a signposted exit to Dindalshytta from RV70 at Lønset. There is signposted exit to Åmotsdalen from the E6 at Engan.

Cycling trails

Oppdal has many cycling trails outside the protected areas, especially for those who like trail biking. You can find information at Visit Oppdal.
Wild reindeer

Trip suggestions for e-bikes

E-bikes are defined as motorized vehicles in the national park and protected areas, this also applies when the motor is switched off. You are not allowed to use an e-bike on the trail network in protected areas or on roads that are closed to motorized traffic. Electric bicycles may only be used on roads where cars are permitted to drive.

The National Park Trail

TThe hiking and cycling trail over Dovrefjell provides fantastic views of the mighty mountains, takes you through beautiful mountain pastures and is well adapted for both adults and children traveling on two wheels. You can follow the marked route from Dombås to Hjerkinn, or cycle the full “Tour de Dovre” to Folldal and through Grimsdalen. This trip takes you through three national parks. It is also a hiking and cycling route so electric bicycles are allowed here.

Parking is possible in Dombås city center. You can also park you vehicle at many picnic areas and parking lots along the E6 between Dombås and Hjerkinn, or at Hjerkinnhus in Hjerkinn for a fee.

The shared-use path through Lesja

Between Dombås and Lesjaskog, visitors can cycle along the shared-use path without having to cycle along the E136 road. This path is paved, and mainly runs parallel to the E136 road.

You can also follow the county roads and the quiet side roads in a vibrant cultural landscape. Between Lesjaverk and Bjorli, there is a nice hiking trail on the western side of Lesjaskogsvatnet lake where you follow the wide gravel path. Read more at

Read more at For more trip suggestions see

Winter cycling

Summer cycling rules also apply in the winter. Visitors can only cycle in places where it is permitted during the summer season.
Bike ride
Bike ride