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Winter experiences around the national park

Winter is a demanding time for all types of wildlife at Dovrefjell. It is important that they are allowed to spend their energy grazing and resting – and not on fleeing from us. Therefore, there is little adaptation for visitors in the inner areas during the winter months, but there are many possibilities in the west and in the surrounding villages.




Dovrefjell National Park Board
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Wild reindeer

Musk ox guiding

During the winter months, it is especially important that you are part of a guided tour if you want to see musk oxen. Both the musk oxen and other wildlife in the area should not be disturbed during this period. The local guides often have good knowledge of where the musk oxen are located, and not least about how we should conduct ourselves in the winter mountains. By walking with a guide, you help reduce the pressure on the animals during a demanding time. Overview of approved guides
Wild reindeer
Wild reindeer

Cross-country skiing trails

The protected areas have not been adapted to a great extent, but visitors can enjoy miles of groomed cross-country skiing trails in the surrounding villages. See skisporet.no for more information about where to find newly groomed trails.

Summit trips on skis

Guided skiing trips

In the western parts of our protected areas, in Møre og Romsdal, there are several skilled guides who are ready to take you on a trip. We can almost guarantee that the experience will be both richer and safer if you choose to participate on a guided tour. The local guides have knowledge of where the snow is best and safest, and not least where one should go so as to show as much consideration as possible regarding nature and wildlife.

Guide companies

Urpu Hapuoja Ski & Mountainguiding  Hotel Aak Phillipshaugen  Romsdal lodge  Contrast adventure  Fjellsentralen 
Wild reindeer
Wild reindeer

Trip descriptions

Make sure you are thoroughly prepared and always check varsom.no before embarking on a trip. Both of the following trips require knowledge about avalanches.

Trolltinden mountain, 1347 masl.

Trolltinden mountain is described as Nordmøre’s most popular summit trip on skis, but it is important not to underestimate the route. A fantastic trip awaits you if you are well prepared, involving a short approach from Jordalsgrenda, beautiful views and first-class skiing. For trip descriptions, see ut.no

Fløtatind mountain, 1711 masl.

The trip to Fløtatind mountain starts at the unmanned Brandstabu cabin. It is possible to park 200 meters from the cabin, before embarking on the 6.2 kilometer long trip to the summit. The route is classed as being demanding, but its formidable views and almost 1600 vertical meters of beautiful skiing are enticing. For trip descriptions, see ut.no